If you are engrossed in the flashy, chic shops of Parnell (or have your head in your iPhone) you will miss the private little gallery of Alvin Pankhurst. You don’t want to miss it.

Aim for Parnell Village Coffee Club and you’re in the right area. Down a narrow alley is the Pankhurst Studio Gallery, one small room saturated in emotion. His art speaks of loss and constantly passing time, heritage and power, often with strong Maori connotations. It’s art to empower a wall or silently mourn, for galleries and homes alike.

There are sketches, prints and staff well acquainted with the art. The artist himself has numerous awards for his work over the years- don’t overlook this gallery.

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Pankhurst Studio Gallery

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Category: Art Galleries
305 Parnell Road
Auckland 1052
+64 9 307 0155

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